Feedback from our show on 10th June 2017

We’ve had a lot of really good feedback about our show at Stantonbury Theatre on 10th June.

Comments we’ve received from audience members:

“Fantastic show!!! Incredible, you ladies are amazing!! xx and the other acts were awesome too.”

“Thanks for a super concert yesterday – we both thought Junction 14 were terrific!  Your director was great and your smiles and enthusiasm shone through in all the songs with beautiful harmonies.  Please pass on our congratulations to the group. Well done!

“Sorry I didn’t see you after the concert but just wanted to say how much my friends and I enjoyed it. Junction 14 were superb and you should be really proud of yourself and indeed the group as a whole. It was altogether a very enjoyable evening so thank you for all your hard work in putting on such a brilliant show.”

“Junction 14 shone last night and you should be very proud of yourselves.” 

“Our friends in the audience on Saturday were astonished at our moves (described by one as the hand stuff) and said we were slick!!!!

“My husband was particularly impressed and even more so with the Scarves and Ribbons in True Colours and said how amazing it was and really effective on stage.

“Three generations of my family were there as well as some members of the Newport Pagnell Singers and they all said they were very impressed with both the awesome sound we made and the snappy choreography.”

“What a fantastic concert, thoroughly enjoyable.”

“Lovely show last night.  You were all really good, I really enjoyed it.”

“What a great show, you were all Brilliant.  Hope you enjoyed it and weren’t too nervous.”

“Wow! Told you you’d be great !!!! You looked and sounded really professional, we really enjoyed it, hope you did too.”

“Just to say that I enjoyed your performance last night and you are all very, very good.  You should all be proud of yourselves.  You all looked like you were really enjoying it and having a good time.  Well done to you all.”

“Well done Ladies, excellent show.”

“Well done to all, an amazing show.”

“It was amazing. Olivia missed a good show.  Well done to you all.”

“Just wanted to say how excellently J14 sang on Saturday – ‘You Raise Me Up’ was particularly splendid (I believe much better than the the last time I heard it). The whole concert was great fun – what commitment and dedication.  I hope you were as pleased with it as the audience!”

Comments from some of our members:

“I also was on SUCH a high afterwards. Well done ladies you did a fantastic job and thanks to everyone who put in so much hard work behind the scenes. You all know who you are – you are an amazing bunch of ladies and I’m proud to know you all.”

“Two days later and I am still on a high.  It was a fantastic evening.  18 months ago I never thought I would have had the confidence to sing on stage.  It seemed such hard work at first learning the words and the tune, getting the breathing right.  And while I was concentrating on that, being asked to smile as well.  I wondered what more they could ask of me.  But they sneaked in choreography, and facial expressions.  I never thought I’d master it all.  But Hannah, your hard work and dedication paid off.  You are amazing.  I absolutely loved performing on Saturday night.”

“It was lovely to finally do a proper concert with you all. I enjoy singing all our songs but think we should be particularly proud of You Raise Me Up. To be able to stay in time without Hannah leading us shows that we really were singing as one and listening to each other. Thank you Hannah for teaching us so well. Got the best compliment today from  my sister-in-law’s mum, “I really enjoyed your concert last night. I couldn’t hear you.” Thankfully she meant that she couldn’t distinguish my voice which of course is what we want!”

“Who would have thought a couple of weeks ago that we could pull off that choreography?  I loved every minute of it. Well, actually I’ve loved every minute since I joined you in December. Some Thursdays I go home with my sides aching from laughter! Thank you Hannah and all the ladies for making it such fun.”

“I am so proud and happy to be a member of this wonderful chorus and so happy we have such a fabulous MD as Hannah. I have been reading all the reviews and comments and it has truly brought me to joyful tears. And my moments of stress are now forgotten and it was a fabulous night. Thank you to you all for being so fab.”

“I was blown away on Saturday.  I knew it was a tall order for me to be able to join the chorus and learn the set but I can’t believe we all did it and sounded so amazing! The buzz has stayed with me… even with another busy work week! I told a few people and had 10 people in the audience and they were all astounded by our performance!

Ladies, we were amazing! The organisation for show, the set choice with the variety songs, the costumes, the choreography, our professionalism and stage presences.

I want to say thank you to all of you and concur with a lot of the comments we have had this week – Hannah’s direction, the music team’s support, the dedication of the teams, perseverance of choreography, costumes and makeup coming together. I know for a fact (and experience) to pull an event like this together takes work and a dedicated team and heaps of preparation. So thank you for the music, we can do anything and I think I have given some part of  my heart to you….

There are also the roles that are behind the scenes – making sure that the website is up to date has the music for us to download, ticking us off as we come to practise, collecting monies, logistics of getting risers to and from events, offering lifts, thinking about being mindful before the performance, bring the right brush to add sparkles of glitter on us…. and personally the squeeze on the arm asking if I was okay…

I was delighted to be part of the event proud to stand among you and I am truly hooked!

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